Gasless 100 Mig Welder Brand new Cheap!

$260.00 NZD

Tuff 90 GG RRP $495.00

These are a Gasless Mig welder suitable for all those little jobs around the house or farm.

Uses Gasless flux Cored wire so you dont need gas,

They do have a gas option but as they are AC Transformer they go better gasless

All consumables are standard MB15/SB15 torch and available everywhere, (Mega, Repco ect)

All parts and service available.

These are Brand new machines unless stated, I have test welded with everyone so I know they go fine,

Made in China

I have more than one, They have come from a Welding shop closing down, and I brought a lot of their stock to help out

There is a NZ importer for them and I deal with them for other of my products.

Although new sold as second hand as I didn't purchase direct from the importer, hence the cheap price!

Dont come with mask or wire but I stock both so can do a deal!

Duty Cycle 60amp 30%

Will take minispool or 5kg wire roll (better with Minispool)

10amp Household plug