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was $825.00 NZD

now $575.00 NZD

Master mobile heaters can heat any room or area quickly and efficiently. They are ideal for use as a temporary or permanent heating solution.
Master gas heaters provide large volumes of instant heat. They are very cost effective, robust and efficient. Portable gas heaters are best for well ventilated areas like construction sites, warehouses or factories.

Power: 18 - 33 kW, 61.500 - 112.800 Btu/h, 15.500 - 28.400 Kcal/h
Air displacement: 1.000 mł/h
Fuel consumption: 2.4 kg/h
Pressure: 0.75-1.5 bar
Power supply: 220-240 V
Rated current: 0.26 A
Thermostat control: no
Ignition: manual
Electric power: 0.06 kW
Product size (l x w x h): 552 x 220 x 342 mm
Net / gross weight: 7.5 / 9 kg

Manual ignition
Regulator includes safety valve which stops the gas flow
in case of cracks of the gas tube
Regulator and gas hose included
Motor with thermal protection
Overheat thermostat
Adjustable heat
Strong and long lasting construction
Easy maintenance
Safety gas valve with thermocouple
Electro valve

Remember: Ventilation of the room is necessary to prevent a deficiency in oxygen supply.