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$249.00 NZD

Weldpro Mig 100 Mig Welder


A great wee GASLESS Mig for the Farm/Workshop and home

Use GASLESS Mig Wire (No Bottles)

100 Amp Gasless MIG welder with a 10 Amp plug (Standard Household Plug)
Weld up to 4mm mild steel plate thickness at maximum amps
Can take up to 0.9mm MIG wire
Suits D100 (<1Kg) rolls of Gasless MIG Wire
One year limited warranty

The Weldpro M100 is the latest in IGBT Inverter welder technology.
This lightweight, portable MIG welder is easy to set up and use.
It enables the user to complete smooth welds with Gasless MIG wire. Ideal for around the home, DIY workshops and rural applications.

Weight 5.6kg
Mig Welder Yes
Welding Current (Amps) 100
Duty Cycle Yes
Work Clamp Included Yes
Maximum Weldable Thickness (Mild Steel) 4
Maximum Wire Thickness (mm) 0.9

Width 135mm
Height 280mm
Length 380mm