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was $82.95 NZD

now $69.95 NZD

Powerbuilt 10pc ‘Go-Through’ Screwdriver Set WSS5012

‘Go-Through’ designed screwdriver absorbs vibration produced during impact, when striking end cap
Steel end cap fused to ‘go-though’ full length industrial SVCM hex shanks (SVCM is a high grade alloy steel for tough performance)
Hex shanks resist twisting and allows use with a wrench for added torque
Premium over sized handles for maximum performance, comfort and grip,
Strong black oxide magnetic tips
Packaged in a compact blow molded case
Hex shanks Includes Phillips #1 x 100mm, #2 x 150mm, #3 x 200mm
Slotted 5mm x 100mm, 6mm x 100mm 6mm x 150mm, 8mm x 200mm
Round shanks Includes Phillips #0 x 75mm
Slotted 3mm x 75mm
Robertson #2 x 100mm