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was $1,595.00 NZD

now $1,095.00 NZD

Powerbuilt’s pure power series is as smooth as your power at home, yet portable enough to go anywhere.
Super compact, rugged suitcase design protects your investment whilst reducing generator noise.
Our ECO throttle lowers the engine RPM to reduce both the engine noise and fuel consumption when power demand is low, automatically increasing when higher loads are applied.
Weighing in at only 22kg, our PBI2000X is exceptionally portable, with the ability to parallel connect two units, has you covered when higher power is required, yet portability is at a premium.

Perfect for camping, as well as home back up for fridge, freezer, jug/kettle, charging up devices or powering up to 18x 100W globes

Rugged suitcase design
Eco throttle reduces fuel consumption and noise at low loads
3hp, 2000 Watts (2.4kW) Max, 1800 Watts (2.25kW) Rated
Low oil sensor prevents engine damage from low oil
4L Fuel tank with fuel gauge, run time up to 4 hours
Noise output level 69dB @ 7M away
1x IP44 15amp plug, 2x USB ports

Our generators are designed for New Zealand conditions and offer you exceptional service, performance and reliability the Powerbuilt brand is known for.

At Powerbuilt we partner with our manufactures to ensure the latest technology is matched with proven technology to ensure your generator is ready when you need it most, for years to come.

All Powerbuilt generators are backed by Powerbuilt worldwide and at home in New Zealand.
We have established service agents across the country ensuring you have the back up and support for years to come.
Spare parts are stocked for all units, please enquire as required.