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$384.00 NZD

Powerbuilt 22 Ton / 20000kg Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Heavy duty construction great for industrial and commercial applications
Great for lifting farm vehicles, machinery, construction equipment
A heavy-duty air motor provides maximum power, integrated bypass and overload valves
Fully polished and chrome cylinder rams enhanced with high performance seals added durability and longer life
Fast and efficientair pump reduces lifting time and has a built-in relief mechanism which prevents the jack from being used beyond its maximum allowable capacity
Unique design allows for manual operation when air is not available
Side carry handle
Safety spring ram retention
Screw extension for extra height
Lifting range: 270mm to 515mm (with screw extension)
Ram travel: 165mm, screw extension travel: 80mm
Air pressure: 0.75 - 0.85mpa/108 – 123psi
Complies with ASME safety standards