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$285.00 NZD

New MEGA size Air Spray booth

A upgrade to my existing models to the Guys that need bigger!

55cm x 48cm x 36cm, Twin Motors (can run either one or two together), Brighter LEDs (2340LM) adjustable

You are viewing an auction for the Airbrush Spray Booth Kit. Reduce the hazards and mess associated with the use of aerosol sprays, spray guns, and airbrushes with our portable spray booth. Suited for the professional to the hobbyist, our exclusive filtering systems and high volume fans keep your work environment neat and clean by effectively collecting the over spray and reducing the fumes from airbrush materials, fixatives, adhesives, or finishes that soil the work area and contaminate the air.

230 Volt
DC12V 5 A Motors
9m3/Min Air Flow

24 Month Warranty