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  • Airbrush and Spray Booth Combo - OnlineTools
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  • Airbrush and Spray Booth Combo - OnlineTools

$325.00 NZD

Airbrush and Spray Booth Combo

Our most popular Air brush with our popular Spray booth AF186K and HS-E420DCLK


This Fantastic KIT is excellent for these applications:

· Commercial Arts, Illustration, Photo Retouching, Hobby, and Crafts.

· Cosmetics, Models, Fingernail Painting, and General Airbrushing.

Trade Quality
Light and Compact
240 volt


·Single Cylinder Piston Compressor With Air Tank.
·Multifunctional, low noise.
·Thermally protected.
·Auto release pressure and restart function.
·Constant pressures and Zero pulsation.

Specifications: AF186 Compressor

·Type: single cylinder piston compressor with air tank
·Power: 1/6HP
·Voltage: 220-240V
·Maximum pressure: 6 bars (86 PSI)
·Air output per min.: 23L/min.
·Auto stop, start at 43psi, stop at 57psi
·Safety valve: release the air pressure automatically when the pressure over 6bar in the air tank.
·Air tank: 3.0L
·Fitting: manometer; pressure regulator; air filter
·Connections 1/8'' BSP
·Weight: 6.3kg

·Electric Cable: 1.9 M Standard NZ 3 Pin Plug

2/ Spay Booth

Great for spraying models etc and getting the fumes away
You can purchase two units and they join together if you require a bigger booth

Motor 25 watts 240 Volts
47 db
3m2/ min
3.6 kg
480 x 420 x 360
Includes Extension hose (0.7 to 1.7m) Free bends