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Bossweld TC16 low hydrogen Electrodes 3.2mm/25pcs .....Bossweld Factory Return

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The Bossweld TC16 hydrogen controlled, twin coated electrode recommended for welding high tensile steels, including the repair of earth moving equipment. The TC16 has an extremely stable arc and is more tolerant to rust or paint on the work surface.
AWS Specification / Industry Specification

A5.1 E 7016 / ABS – Grade 3 H10

The inner coating, closest to the core wire, produces excellent arc striking characteristics with superior arc stability
The outer coating contributes to the x-ray quality weld metal while also being designed for welding with the new inverter technology
The TC16 is the ideal choice for maintenance welding applications including repair of earth moving equipment, farm machinery and all applications where high strength is required

Welding Position

All positions excluding vertical down


General welding
Rural maintenance and fabrication
Root run on pipe butt joints or plates
Maintenance workshops