$535.00 NZD

Calgary 480 Litre Car Roof Box

NOW DUAL OPENING (Opens either side)

Our biggest selling roof box, the Calgary 480 is a large roof box at a low price. Constructed using impact-proof, UV resistant, ABS-ASA plastic. Light but very tough, it offers strength with durability - the perfect formula for sturdy yet stylish roof boxes. Add an inbuilt UV filter to resist the bleaching effect of the sun, an aesthetically pleasing glossy black finish and the result is the most robust and stylish boxes on the market. It's extremely easy to fit to your roof bars and literally takes 3 minutes to fit.

480 litre BLACK lockable roof box.

The roofbox is a sleek side opening box and will look great on any car,

Technical details:
Size (cm):     1700 x 760 x 360
Content Capacity (Ltrs)     480
Packing Capacity 0.620 m3
Colour Top     Black
Colour Bottom     Black
Empty Weight kg)     11
Load capacity (kg):     50
Mounting system, Comes with 80mm wide U bolts to fit most roof racks (up to 120mm available)
Opening: Dual Opening
Locking:     Central Locking
Load securing straps included
Warranty     1 Year
Certification     TUV Approved

Questions often asked

Can I attach a roof box directly onto the roof of my car?
No. In order to attach a roof box onto the roof of your car, you will first need a set of roof bars going from left to right across the roof of the car. The roof bars attach to the roof of the car, and the roof box then secures onto the roof bars.

Is the roof box waterproof?
Yes, the roof box is fully waterproof.

Does this roofbox come with roof bars?
No, roof bars must be purchased seperately and are specific to your vehicle. Ask as we have alot of roof bars, please put car YEAR and MAKE and MODEL in question