Courier Bag Combo 2-Free Shipping

$19.95 NZD

Courier Mailer Bags Combo 2

A5 x 40
A4 x 40
A3 x 10
A2 x 10

Heavy Duty
60 microns thick
The bags are Virgin LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)
These are the Best Bags I have used,

- Self sealing adhesive strip which seals
- Waterproof
- Lightproof
- Can be written on with Marker Pen/Ballpoint Pen
- Adhesive labels will stick on to these no problems (and not come off!!)

Also A5, A4, A3, A2 Bags and Combo Deals of each

A5 170 x 230 + flap
A4 size:230 x 320 + flap
A3 size:320 x 440 + flap
A2 Size:440mm x 620mm + Flap