Qbrick System ONE 4pc Kit with Cart

$759.00 NZD

Qbrick System ONE Organizer L
Organiser L can be combined with other System ONE Organisers.
Equipped with 10 buckets for smaller accessories, including 8 smaller ones and 2 long buckets for storing and transporting longer elements.
Dimensions: 531 x 379 x 77 mm
Capacity: 6L

Qbrick System ONE Organiser 2XL 2.0 + 2pc Connect Adapters
Qbrick System ONE Organizer 2XL is both the largest and highest model appearing in the family of modular organizers found in the ONE line, which can be combined with each other.
The 2XL organizer is equipped with 4 bins, each equipped with 3 adjustable partitions that allow for any organization of their internal space. Bins measure 30cm L x 11cm W x 13.5cm D.

Includes, 2pc Connect Adapters, which allow the XL and 2XL organizers and all other boxes from the ONE line to be stably and securely attached in a vertical position (walls of the workshop, van) with a maximum load capacity of 15 kg or in a horizontal position (floor/shelf of the workshop, van) with a maximum load capacity of 50 kg.
Dimensions: 582 x 387 x 172 mm
Capacity: 19.5L

Qbrick System ONE 350 Vario 2.0
The 350 Vario is a large toolbox with a capacity of 38 liters. Thanks to this, it can accommodate large-sized power tools and hand tools.
It is equipped with two adjustable compartments which, thanks to the various holders for hand tools, allow you to easily keep order inside the box.
Additionally, the removable multi-compartment can be used as a stand-alone tool carrier.
The VARIO cover is equipped with connectors that allow it to connect with System PRO.
The reinforced structure of the cover and the body guarantees high load capacity (50 kg) and withstands pressure of up to 120 kg, making it possible to create comfortable working platforms.
Dimensions: 585 x 385 x 301 mm
Capacity: 38L

Qbrick System ONE Cart 2.0
Qbrick System ONE Cart 2.0 model is the largest mobile transport box, which provides a solid base for other boxes. The increased payload capacity of up to 100 kg and the capacity of 52 liters allows for the comfortable transportation of large and heavy tools. Cart 2.0 also includes 2 adjustable compartments and 2 trays.
Cart 2.0 is distinguished by a sturdy telescopic handle with a removable function for easier transport. Large wheels provide excellent and quiet traction even in very difficult terrain.
Dimensions: 641 x 485 x 660 mm
Capacity: 52L