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$99.95 NZD

Tig Torch WP17V 4M

This set allows you to convert your DC Inverter Arc welder to a scratch-start TIG machine.

Simply connect the TIG torch to the negative (-) socket on the front panel of your machine and your gas regulator to a suitable Argon gas supply, and you will be up and running for basic TIG welding.

The TIG torch has a gas valve on the handle to manually turn the gas supply on and off, and a gas hose to connect to the gas regulator on your Argon gas cylinder. You will need a supply of pure Argon gas.

4m WP17V Type TIG Torch Assembly
Quality 150 Amps DC rated torch.
Consumable Kit
Tungsten 1 x 1.6, 1 x2.4 RED Tip