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$149.95 NZD

WELDPRO TIG Welding Torch Kit for Arc Inverters,Tig Torch and Regulator

TIG Welding Torch Kit for Arc Inverters

Convert your Inverter Arc Welder to TIG ,Just add Argon gas to be TIG welding

This set allows you to convert your DC Inverter Arc welder to a scratch-start TIG machine.

Simply connect the TIG torch to the negative (-) socket on the front panel of your machine and the gas regulator to a suitable Argon gas supply, and you will be up and running for basic TIG welding.

The TIG torch has a gas valve on the handle to manually turn the gas supply on and off, and a gas hose to connect to the gas regulator on your Argon gas cylinder. You will need a supply of pure Argon gas. The gas regulator supplied is standard fitting for all sizes of refillable gas cylinder,

4m WP17V Type TIG Torch Assembly
Quality 150 Amps DC rated torch.
Consumable Kit
Tungsten 1 x 1.6, 1 x2.4 RED Tip

Twin Gauge Industrial Argon Gas Regulator
Top quality gas regulator with cylinder contents pressure gauge and output pressure gauge calibrated in litres per minute (LPM) for accurate flow control.