Valentine One Radar Detector V1 Gen 2
  • Valentine One Radar Detector V1 Gen 2
  • Valentine One Radar Detector V1 Gen 2
  • Valentine One Radar Detector V1 Gen 2

$1,385.00 NZD

Valentine One Radar Detector V1 gen 2

V1 Gen2 is an entirely new security instrument that outperforms by a clear margin even the most highly-evolved version of V1.
Inside the all-new magnesium case is an all-new, and patented, radar-seeking engine adapted from a concept used by military CHIRP radars to find fainter targets farther away with higher precision.
 Ka-band range is impressively better in V1 Gen2. K-band range is also improved.
Our new SAW-D2L and LNA technologies enable this substantial range increase over traditional V1 while also providing a breakthrough in stealth.


Q: Why do you disable X, K and Laser?
A: Police cars are equipped with Stalker Radar, which only operates on Ka band. More specifically, 34.7GHz. X, K and Laser are easily triggered by appliances, automatic doors, other less quality radar detectors, adaptive cruise control on some vehicles, brake lights on some vehicles etc. It's just not worth the false alarms.

Q: Does this pick up the new pole mounted speed cameras or camera vans?
A: The fixed and mobile cameras use Redflex technology which is very low powered K band aimed across the road. More specifically static doppler radar 23.9GHz through to 24.3GHz and ranging radar 24.0GHz through to 24.1GHz. Every radar on the market today has less than 200m detection range on Redflex, it is simply not worth the false alarms from enabling K band.

Q: But what about laser?
A: Laser is easily triggered by in car lighting or tail lights etc. It false easily and again it is not worth the hassle. By the time you get a real laser alert, it's already too late anyway!
What’s Included

Valentine One Gen2 Radar Detector
Quick Start Guide
Windshield Mount
Visor Mount
Power Cord, Coiled — 2 ft. stretches to 8ft
Power Cord, Straight — 8ft
Lighter Adapter
Direct-Wire Adapter
Wiring Harness Connector
Spare Fuse
Spare Suction Cups