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BONUS WELDPRO 10pkt Mig Tips 0.9mm x 6mm HD (MMT2509)
Valid to 30 April 2024


Weldco Mig Welding Wire - Premium Gasless Multi Pass – 0.9mm x 4.5kg (WDC0777)

A top Multi-pass Gasless Mig Wire (No Gas Needed)

Excellent Arc Characteristics
Single or Multi-Pass E71T-11 All Position Wire
General Purpose Wire for Mild Steel, Galvanised Steels
Factory Fresh Vacuum Sealed Foil Bag
Lower Spatterand Easy Slag Removal

The unique quality of this product is that you do not have to use a shielding gas.

An all-position, self shielding single and multi-pass, flux core welding wire.
Designed to weld clean, slightly rusty or galvanised carbon steels.
MG-11 is a premium grade E71T-11 wire producing smooth arc action, low spatter and easy slag removal with a wire brush.
This product is extremely popular for on-site Mig welding applications in exposed high wind areas.
MG-11 operates on DC straight polarity = electrode negative (-).