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$590.00 NZD

Weldsmart Digital Mig 200

The all new Weldsmart Mig 200 all in one welder offers Market leading Inverter technology, simplifying welder setup for professional results where ever your project takes you.
The Synergic 200 MIG setup for CO2, MIX GASSES or Flux Core takes the guess work out for setting up your machine, whilst the manual override gives precise weld control and is our choice for welding Alloy.
160-amp ARC/MMA with adjustable Hot start, Arc force and VRD.
Lift TIG operation with optional TIG Torch for truly professional results on Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.
Compact 5KG spool construction with the power source weighing at only 8.5KG makes this an exceptionally portable welder whilst the 15amp plug ensures enough power for think welds.

MIG- Mild Steel, Stainless and Alloy (On Manual Mode)
Arc- Mild Steel
Tig- Mild Steel, Stainless, not Alloy (DC only)

• IGBT Inverter Technology
• 5KG Spool Size for Gas or Gasless wires.
• Metal wire feeder with 0.8 & 1.0mm drive roller
• 2/4 Step Torch control.
• 3m Binzle style Euro connect Mig torch, Arc Lead and Earth Clamp.
• 230V single phase 15amp Plug
• Digital display shows pre-set and live data when welding.

Duty Cycle:
• 20% @ 200 Amps
• 60% @ 150 Amps
• 100% @ 105 Amps

12 Months Warranty