$21.74 NZD

Yellow Frangipani Bouquet Light , 5 flowers "Handicraft from Thailand"

These gorgeous Yellow Frangipani Bouquet made from Gossamer fabric made by hand.
Very good for Christmas gift,New Year gift, Birthday gift or decoration in the house.

- 3 Led lights per 1 flower, 30 bulbs 220V Warm White LED light strand, clear wire, super long life bulbs.
- This LED light strand has a Certificate of Approval for an Electrical Article Approval
Number : Q03793
- Super safe lighting strand as it is low voltage and the bulbs produce minimal heat!
- Power cord with switch on/off ,the plug NZ/AUS standard
- Cord length of 1.5 meters.
- The height of the bouquet of flowers 23" inches.
- The LED lights 18 bulbs 220V and 3 spare light bulbs.
- Weight 250 grams.